How to Deal with The Stubborn carpet Stains?

How to Deal with The Stubborn carpet Stains?

Carpets are often used in homes or shops to enhance beauty, but due to frequent visits, many types of dirt get deposited on these carpets. Sometimes some stubborn stains are very difficult to remove.

How to Deal with The Stubborn carpet Stains?

Many types of efforts are made to remove such stains but apply some special tricks to remove these stains, then they can be removed easily.

Let us understand such stain cleaning tricks, with the help of which you can easily remove stubborn stains from any carpet. At the same time, you have to take care of the quality of your carpet so that the carpet does not suffer any damage while applying these tricks.

Remove oil stains from the carpet

Oil stains are very stubborn. It is more difficult to remove oil spots from a carpet. For this, you have to take a piece of a dish bar and rub the dish bar with a light hand on the place where oil stain is made. We have to mix it with hot water and with the help of a toothbrush you have to gently rub it on this stain and do this process till the stain disappears completely.

Remove blood stains from carpet

Bloodstains are very stubborn and don’t go so easily. For this, you can use any soap, you can clean these spots by rubbing them with normal water by the soap used in homes, but you have to take care that it does not harm your carpet. 

Remove chewing-gum spots

Sometimes when we come to the home from outside, the chewing-gum sticks to our shoes and reaches the houses.

After this, any part of the carpet is tightly fastened and after this, it becomes very difficult to remove this chewing-gum and it completely spoils the place. To remove it, you do this.

Once the chewing-gum sticks to any part of your carpet, you try to rub it out, without causing damage to the carpet. To remove it, take a piece of ice in a jeeped plastic pocket and Keep this pocket in contact with the stain so that it will freeze the chewing-gum and after that, you can easily remove this stain with the help of a kitchen knife and towel.

Remove wax stains

If for some reason, the wax gets melted on the carpet in your house, it can cause you a lot of trouble, and it looks absolutely bad to see the stain. For this, you have to place a cotton towel on the stained area and now you have to place the hot iron on the towel, which starts to melt the wax in a short time and after melting, you can easily remove it with the help of the towel.

Remove tea stains

It is often common to spill the tea on the carpet at home, but after this, a spot on the carpet is not good, and it becomes very difficult to remove this stain. To remove the stains of tea, you wash the place with warm water. After that, you have to use vinegar, soda or surf to rub the spots. After that, you have to do this till the spots disappear.

These were some of the carpet stubborn stains which are commonly seen and you may fall in the need to remove them. You can use our ideas or call our professionals if required.